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Indoor Spots

4-week target rotation:

  • 4 weeks of 3-spot FITA
  • 4 weeks of 5-spot NFAA
  • 1 week is a combination of FITA and NFAA targets to determine seeding for the final championship week
  • 1 week championship shoot

Time: Tuesday and Thursday starting at 6:30pm

Date: January 15 and 17

Cost: $15 initial fee

  • $10 goes back into the pot which will be awarded upon a flight system at the end of the year. 10 of the 12 weeks will be put towards the year end average.

         $5 per week

Youth 3D

This is the youth version of our Ironman 3D league, but gets rid of the obstacles and limits the distance to the targets. Ages 6-14 are welcome and parents/guardians are welcome to help score and watch.  

Time: 9:30am

Date: January 13- April 3

Cost: $8 per week