Dustin Miedema


Name: Dustin Miedema

Age: 33  

Affiliations: Prime/G5 Staff shooter

Current hunting Bow: Prime Black 5

-Black Gold Pro Sight 3 pin

-Easton Pro Comp/Victory VAP TKO SS

-Scott Sigma

Current Target Bow:

-Black 5

- Axcel AX3000 sight

- Archery 365 stabilizers 27” Modify/ 14” back

- Vaportrail Limbdriver rest

- Black Eagle PS23/26

- Scott Backspin release

Dustin Miedema grew up in western Michigan hunting and fishing every day he could. He started hunting and shooting archery with his dad as soon as he was able to hold a bow and his passion for the sport grew from there. He started hunting deer in northern Michigan with his dad and uncle taught him everything they knew. After taking several deer; he and his dad decided that if they wanted to harvest mature deer they would have to focus their attention elsewhere and found their current lease in southern Michigan. They have been fortunate enough to manage the same farm for the past 18 years. They also manage and hunt a lease in Kansas. 

Besides chasing whitetails; Dustin has been fortunate enough to spend a great deal of time chasing other species as well. He enjoys spending a week each fall chasing elk and mule deer. He has also spent the last few springs chasing hogs and javelina's in Texas. In 2019 he was able to go on a hunt of a lifetime with his dad in New Zealand where he was able to take a red stag and ram. During these trips he has been able to test the gear we carry and find new products to bring to our store.

Hunting has had such a huge impact on his life that he chose to go to the University of Wyoming for college for the purpose of being able to bow hunt elk and mule deer. He graduated from the University of Wyoming with a Bachelors in Agroecology and Soil Science. Dustin then attended College at Davenport University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business management, specializing in entrepreneurship.  During his time at Davenport college he began working for Long Range Archery and continued to hunt whitetails while first filming for Michigan Whitetail pursuit and later for Midwest Whitetail. In 2014 Dustin was offered to take over ownership of the business and with the help of his family they became the new owners of Long Range Archery LLC.