Bear Sonoma Recurve

Product Description

The Bear Sonoma is designed from the ground up to be the perfect "inexpensive but not cheap" bow for new shooters. It is no secret that getting started in traditional archery can be daunting. There are so many manufacturers, products, models, and styles to choose from that it isn't hard to get confused. Bear set out to eliminate some of the confusion and make things a little easier for new archers. The Sonoma has all the features you need and none that you don't, all neatly packed into a takedown design.

Starting with the beautifully crafted laminate hardwood riser, the Sonoma's grip is designed to fit hands of most sizes. The grip angle allows for good purchase without excessive thickness (which can cause problems for shooters who tend to torque). The hardwood riser of the Sonoma features a fiberglass stiffener at the core to reduce riser flex and keep things consistent. If your form is less than stellar, the Sonoma's forgiveness will help noticably.

Moving on to the multi-laminate limbs fiberglass and maple, the Sonoma is all business. Featuring similar core construction to the much pricier Super Grizzly, the laminated core of the Sonoma Takedown Recurve produces a super smooth draw stroke. Black fiberglass provides the face and back of the limb, creating a super strong, super stable limb that is going to last a long long time. While longer draw archers (those over 29") will probably notice some stacking, for the money, this bow is hard to beat.

We've loaded the Bear Sonoma Takedown Traditional Recurve Bow package with everything you need to get started: shelf rest, quiver, arrows, broadheads, field points, your choice of a glove or tab, a quality arm-guard, string silencers, and all the other little trimmings to take the guesswork out and get you on the range. But don't expect the box to be full of loose parts and assembly instructions, because this awesome rig comes ready for action. Our pro-shop does all the work in-advance. We take it all the way from setting the initial brace-height to final tuning so that this awesome bowhunting rig arrives 100% ready to shoot. Scroll down for all the details.

* All models are Right Handed


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