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Ravin Crossbow Sale!

Ravin Crossbow Sale! 2


By now most people have seen and heard about the Ravin Crossbow's which in our opinion have beat all other manufacture's designs by a long shot (pun intended). However, for those of you that haven't read into what the Ravin Crossbows are, the R9 and R15 have all of the same specs, except that the R9 shoots 390fps and the R15 shoots 425fps. With that being said what makes these bows special?

Limbs: The Axle to Axle length is only 10.5" wide while it is decocked and 6" when the bow is cocked. That is about half the size of other bows on the market by utilizing their Helicoil technology, which is pretty important because limb damage from hitting a tree or side of a blind while shooting is one of the leading causes of broken crossbows.

Crank: Another feature that the Ravin is known for is their cocking and firing mechanism which is one in the same. This eliminates the need too put a sled cocking mechanism onto the string, wind up the crank while ensuring that you do not over crank it, and then take the sled off and return it to its original position. Whereas the Ravin's system you release the firing mechanism and attach it to the string and wind the crank handle until it freely spins. Note that the Ravin's crank freely spins because there is a clutch built into the handle which eliminates over cranking breakages. This system also allows for the crossbow to be decocked if the user wishes to do so. 

Anti-dry fire/bolt retention: Other crossbow companies utilize a bolt retention spring or brush which can become bent or worn and an anti-dry fire sensor which is a separate piece from where the trigger mechanism attaches to the string. This can lead to partial dry fires or split bolts which cause string breakages. These are potential game enders for other crossbows. The Ravin crossbows utilize a one-piece design that is built into the nock of the bolt which is more of a compound nock. This nock clicks onto the string and does not allow the bolt to slide forward. The nock also disengages the anti-dry fire mechanism in the release mechanism. 

* Note: A recall has been issued for the white nocks on the Ravin bolts and are now being replaced by orange nocks. 

Accuracy:  Ravin crossbows are capable of holding a 2" group at 100 yards which is pretty amazing if you ask us. Part of the reason this is possible is because there are only two points of contact on the bolt. The nocking point and two small rollers at the front of the crossbow which works as a rest. The string also does not touch the rail like most other crossbow designs by using. This eliminates friction on the string as well as variances in string movement. What this means to the end user is better accuracy, no need for rail lube, and long string life. 

ScopeThe scope that comes on the R9 and R15 is one of the nicest standard scopes on the market and features both illumination and a speed dial. The illumination dial can be turned from either green or red illumination for the reticle and has varying intensity levels depending on the ambient light. The speed dial can be adjusted to the actual speed of the crossbow which will calibrate the BDC (bolt drop compensator) reticle to hit the point of aim/point of impact at their respective distances. To see how to sight in the Ravin Crossbow scope you can check out their video here. 

Now that you have been caught up to speed on the Ravin Crossbows, how about a sale to start the 2018 year off right. 

R9 crossbow take $100 off (in-store quantity)

R15 crossbow take $150 off (in-store quantity)