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450 Bushmaster CRAZE!

450 Bushmaster CRAZE! 4

If you haven't heard already the .450 Bushmaster round has been taking the rifle and shotgun hunting crowd by storm. As a "straight walled" cartridge the .450 Bushmaster is able to be shot state wide to include Zone 3 (lower Michigan). As an archery and firearms shop in Zone 3 the .450BM has become incredibly popular because "straight walled" cartridges are the only rifles that can be hunted with in our area and tend to be more accurate than a lot of shotgun slug guns. We have seen this as an opportunity to expand our horizons within our new venture into the firearms side of business and have brought most options of the 450 Bushmaster into the store to include multiple accessories.


Tuebor Precision Custom "Raider Action" 450 Bushmaster


Built off of a Tuebor Precision Raider Action and attached to a fluted X-caliber SS 1:20" twist barrel which is finished off at 16.5" with the titanium 4 port muzzle brake. The Action is Devcon and pillar bedded into a Boyd's custom laminate stock and finished with a camo cerakote pattern. A Jewell trigger and Magpul detachable box mag are also installed to give this rifle everything you can want out of a custom rifle. 

We are hoping to have some other options from Tuebor Precision in the near future which will give way to better pricing and more options for customization. Let us know if you are interested and we can price one out for you. 

LRA Ruger 450BM Packages

These rifles are built off the ever popular Ruger American Ranch 450 Bushmaster rifle, however we have already fitted them in Boyd's Custom Laminate stocks and have added other accessories depending on the package. Whether you like a thumb hole or standard stock we typically carry both styles in the pepper, Forrest camo, and nutmeg colors.


One of the most sought after scopes for the .450 Bushmaster rifle is the Leupold VX-2 3-9x40mm with the CDS (Custom Dial System) or the Leupold MK AR 3-9x40mm which we have found a distributor that has the exclusive rights to include the MK AR series with the .450BM (CDS) turret already included. The Custom Dial System allows you to range the yardage to the target and dial the turret on top of the scope to that particular distance so you have point of aim and point of impact at the center of the cross hairs without having to utilize a hold over or a Ballistic Drop Compensation (BDC) reticle. The current lead time on getting a standard CDS dial back from the Leupold custom shop is 10 weeks, which if you are behind the power curve this year you probably won't have it back in time for rifle season. 

We also have rifle scopes from Vortex Optics and Styrka Optics which have great choices as well if you prefer a particular reticle or brand of optics. We can also order most brands or models on the current market. We are always available to look up items that you may not see in the store and have them special ordered. 


Although the standard trigger in the Ruger American Ranch can be adjusted from 3 - 5 lbs there are those who prefer a trigger that doesn't have the two piece trigger or that they want a trigger pull weight less than 3 lbs. The Timney Ruger American center fire trigger fixes both of those issues by featuring a standard trigger shoe with an adjustable trigger pull weight from 1.5 - 4 lbs. 


Ruger American Ranch .450 Bushmaster


 The Ruger American Ranch is responsible for the major increase in popularity of the 450 cartridge and is selling well across the state. It is also the base model which our LRA packages are built off of. For the price they are pretty nice rifles which hold respectable groups around 1 MOA (1" at 100 yards) with factory ammo out of the 16.12" barrel with the MAG-NA-PORT muzzle brake. The biggest downfall with the rifle for many people is the stock, which is a FDE (flat dark earth) synthetic stock which feels kind of cheap, but honestly it keeps the price of the Ranch at a respectable price so we can't fault Ruger for that. 

We also have a distributor exclusive Ruger American Ranch which sports a camo dipped version of the standard Ranch stock. This give consumers something a bit different than what everyone else has without dropping the extra coin on a Boyds custom stock. Overall these are great whitetail rifles that are nice and short, accurate, and fair on the pocket books. 


Ruger M77 Gunsite Scout .450 Bushmaster 

Ruger also introduced their popular Gunsite Scout rifle in the 450 Bushmaster cartridge which features an american walnut stock and M77 action and rotating safety. This rifle comes with a forward mounted rail for intermediate eye relief scopes or red dots and also comes with Iron sights and 1" scope mounts. This rifle is a great upgrade from the American Ranch if you enjoy a traditional American wood and steel rifle. 

Hornady Black Ammunition

Hornady Black has been the go to round for the .450 Bushmaster since the .450 Bushmaster has become popular in recent years and for good reason. Reports from the range have been great, especially for factory ammo in all guns from the high end custom rifles to the standard American Ranch rifle. The FTX tip also helps with great expansion in medium to large game given the ft/lbs is adequate enough for the type of animal you are hunting. We always keep a good quantity of ammunition in stock so no need to call around, just head on into the shop. 

We hope that you have a great season this year and if there is anything that our family can do to help you out whether it is with archery or firearms, just let us know how we can help you.