AR-15 Builders class

AR-15 Builders class 0

If you have been wanting to purchase an AR-15 or add another one to your collection, this is a great opportunity to see what goes into building one. Not all AR-15's are created equal in material quality or how they are assembled. This class, put on by Next Level Armament, (out of Jenison, MI) produces high quality AR parts and will include all of the parts specified on your personal build list to allow you to assemble your own AR-15 under the supervision and instruction of a certified armorer. All of the tools will be provided at the class which saves a lot of money and frustration of purchasing or borrowing them if you were thinking about building a rifle on your own. Don't miss this opportunity as spots are limited to ten people. 

The class will be on February 4, 2018 and hosted at Long Range Archery and Firearms in Holland, MI. Below is the price list with some add on items and others are available upon request. Payment is due upon sign up to allocate the parts and have them ready for you on the day of the class. We hope to see you there and to sign up you can call or stop into the Long Range Archery and Firearms shop.  


Contact: Brandon Miedema

Phone: 616-399-3011

Long Range Archery and Firearms

2530 Van Ommen Drive

Holland, MI 49423


450 Bushmaster CRAZE!

450 Bushmaster CRAZE! 0

If you haven't heard already the .450 Bushmaster round has been taking the rifle and shotgun hunting crowd by storm. As a "straight walled" cartridge the .450 Bushmaster is able to be shot state wide to include Zone 3 (lower Michigan). As an archery and firearms shop in Zone 3 the .450BM has become incredibly popular because "straight walled" cartridges are the only rifles that can be hunted with in our area and tend to be more accurate than a lot of shotgun slug guns. We have seen this as an opportunity to expand our horizons within our new venture into the firearms side of business and have brought most options of the 450 Bushmaster into the store to include multiple accessories.


Tuebor Precision Custom "Raider Action" 450 Bushmaster


Built off of a Tuebor Precision Raider Action and attached to a fluted X-caliber SS 1:20" twist barrel which is finished off at 16.5" with the titanium 4 port muzzle brake. The Action is Devcon and pillar bedded into a Boyd's custom laminate stock and finished with a camo cerakote pattern. A Jewell trigger and Magpul detachable box mag are also installed to give this rifle everything you can want out of a custom rifle. 

We are hoping to have some other options from Tuebor Precision in the near future which will give way to better pricing and more options for customization. Let us know if you are interested and we can price one out for you. 

LRA Ruger 450BM Packages

These rifles are built off the ever popular Ruger American Ranch 450 Bushmaster rifle, however we have already fitted them in Boyd's Custom Laminate stocks and have added other accessories depending on the package. Whether you like a thumb hole or standard stock we typically carry both styles in the pepper, Forrest camo, and nutmeg colors.


One of the most sought after scopes for the .450 Bushmaster rifle is the Leupold VX-2 3-9x40mm with the CDS (Custom Dial System) or the Leupold MK AR 3-9x40mm which we have found a distributor that has the exclusive rights to include the MK AR series with the .450BM (CDS) turret already included. The Custom Dial System allows you to range the yardage to the target and dial the turret on top of the scope to that particular distance so you have point of aim and point of impact at the center of the cross hairs without having to utilize a hold over or a Ballistic Drop Compensation (BDC) reticle. The current lead time on getting a standard CDS dial back from the Leupold custom shop is 10 weeks, which if you are behind the power curve this year you probably won't have it back in time for rifle season. 

We also have rifle scopes from Vortex Optics and Styrka Optics which have great choices as well if you prefer a particular reticle or brand of optics. We can also order most brands or models on the current market. We are always available to look up items that you may not see in the store and have them special ordered. 


Although the standard trigger in the Ruger American Ranch can be adjusted from 3 - 5 lbs there are those who prefer a trigger that doesn't have the two piece trigger or that they want a trigger pull weight less than 3 lbs. The Timney Ruger American center fire trigger fixes both of those issues by featuring a standard trigger shoe with an adjustable trigger pull weight from 1.5 - 4 lbs. 


Ruger American Ranch .450 Bushmaster


 The Ruger American Ranch is responsible for the major increase in popularity of the 450 cartridge and is selling well across the state. It is also the base model which our LRA packages are built off of. For the price they are pretty nice rifles which hold respectable groups around 1 MOA (1" at 100 yards) with factory ammo out of the 16.12" barrel with the MAG-NA-PORT muzzle brake. The biggest downfall with the rifle for many people is the stock, which is a FDE (flat dark earth) synthetic stock which feels kind of cheap, but honestly it keeps the price of the Ranch at a respectable price so we can't fault Ruger for that. 

We also have a distributor exclusive Ruger American Ranch which sports a camo dipped version of the standard Ranch stock. This give consumers something a bit different than what everyone else has without dropping the extra coin on a Boyds custom stock. Overall these are great whitetail rifles that are nice and short, accurate, and fair on the pocket books. 


Ruger M77 Gunsite Scout .450 Bushmaster 

Ruger also introduced their popular Gunsite Scout rifle in the 450 Bushmaster cartridge which features an american walnut stock and M77 action and rotating safety. This rifle comes with a forward mounted rail for intermediate eye relief scopes or red dots and also comes with Iron sights and 1" scope mounts. This rifle is a great upgrade from the American Ranch if you enjoy a traditional American wood and steel rifle. 

Hornady Black Ammunition

Hornady Black has been the go to round for the .450 Bushmaster since the .450 Bushmaster has become popular in recent years and for good reason. Reports from the range have been great, especially for factory ammo in all guns from the high end custom rifles to the standard American Ranch rifle. The FTX tip also helps with great expansion in medium to large game given the ft/lbs is adequate enough for the type of animal you are hunting. We always keep a good quantity of ammunition in stock so no need to call around, just head on into the shop. 

We hope that you have a great season this year and if there is anything that our family can do to help you out whether it is with archery or firearms, just let us know how we can help you. 


Heading Out West 0


It is hard to believe we are half way through August already and the cooler nights are getting me excited for another fall! Although most people are waiting for the Oct 1 bow opener in Michigan, there is a sizeable group of people waiting on the September bow opener (my self included) out west in states like Wyoming, Colorado, and Montana.

With only a half a month to wait now it is the time to be thinking about the products you may want to purchase for your trip. Western hunts are much different than our tree stand hunts we do here in Michigan, and though most of our equipment will work well in both places, there are some products you may want to think about to make your trip easier and more successful. Below are some of the products we can help you with.

1) Optics: A good set of binoculars and a spotting scope can save you hours and hours of walking and help you fill your tags. When heading West I prefer a set of 10x42 binoculars for my glassing and use a 20x-60x spotting scope to size up the trophy caliber animals. One thing to be noted with is the quality of the glass in either binoculars or spotting scopes is the less quality the glass is the more eye fatigue will set in.  My personal favorites for the money are a set of Styrka S7 binoculars and spotting scope, but we do offer Vortex as well.


2) Clothing: Having the right set of clothing for the hunt you are on can make or break your hunting experience. If you are cold and/or wet your hunt will quickly go from a dream hunt to wishing you were back home. Clothing designed for the tree stand hunter is designed differently than those hiking up and down mountains. Having clothing that is extremely breathable while hiking and then insulating layers to add on while glassing or taking a break will help make your hunt more enjoyable. Looking into a full system of clothing is more important than any single one piece. 

We can help you build these systems depending on the time of year you are hunting and the location. For my mule deer/elk hunt in Wyoming this year my clothing goes as following.

Sitka's core light weight base layers: These will help pull moisture away from the body. keeping me cool while moving and warm while stationary.

Sitka's Timberline pant: I chose this pant for several reasons. The first being the built in knee pads. There is nothing worse than a pin cushion cactus to the knee! Also, they have reinforced knee and butt areas that are 100% water proof. This will keep me dry whether I'm stalking or sitting on a log glassing. These pants are also extremely comfortable for the weather we will be hunting which can swing from low 30's to mid 70's in the same day.

Sitka's Mountain Vest: A good vest is always needed in my opinion and this vest is built with Gore wind stop. Having Wind Stopper is important to keep your core from loosing valuable heat, especially in the high winds of the mountains. 

Sitka's Kelvin Active coat: I chose this as my insulation piece. It is built with 80 grams of Alpha insulation. This will help when sitting on a rock outcrop for hours while glassing then pack down to nothing while stalking or walking to the next vantage point. The Kelvin active coat combined with the Mountain vest for a good blend of Gore wind stop and insulation is a great layering piece to stay warm.

3) Back Pack: Which pack to get really depends on the type of hunting you will be doing. If your hunting out of a base camp a good day pack is all you might need but if you plan on setting up spike camps a larger pack is recommended. Remember you will need to quarter and pack out your game if successful! We have both types of packs if you are in need. The accent 12 is a great day pack and the Bivy 30 is great for packing out game or extended stays.

4) Boots: Make sure you have a good set of boots that are broken in before you head out there. Hot spots and blisters for a week are not much fun and will ruin the hunt for even the toughest of hunters. We carry several pairs of boots from Danner. Look into the High Grounds or the Gila's. Both are great boots! The Gila is designed for a little more rugged terrain and has a stiffer sole. Because of this they need a little more time to break in. 

5) Calls: If your chasing elk with or without a guide having at least one cow call in your pocket is a great idea and if your like me, a DIY'er, a good bugle can help you find the herd. We carry a good assortment of DUEL elk calls to help you out.

6) Arrows/broadheads: Although most arrow and broadhead combinations will work for most North American game there are a few things I look for when choosing the combination for larger game. With arrows I like a small diameter arrow to help with wind drift and penetration. I believe the arrow is the number one factor for this followed by the broadhead and then the amount of weight you are pulling. Some good arrows to look at are Victory VAP TKO's, Black Eagle Deep Impact, and Easton's FMJ and Axis line in the 4 or 5mm.

If you ask a hundred people about broadheads you will get a hundred opinions. I prefer to stick with 1.5 inch or less cut for elk. I mostly recommend a fixed blade like a G5 striker, muzzy trocar, or Dirt Nap. With mule deer and antelope where my shot are longer and more open terrain I do like a mechanical such as a Slick Trick Raptor Trick, Grim Reaper Pro series or a rage hypodermic. 

I know I am counting down the days until September and if you are too hopefully we can help you be as prepared as possible before you leave! If you are still waiting on October yet, I hope this blog gets you day dreaming of planning your next dream hunt or even about the big buck up north! 

 - Dustin Miedema









  • Brandon Miedema
Proper draw length: Why it's important

Proper draw length: Why it's important 0

Below is an article from Elite Pro shooter Nathan Brooks on how to determine draw length and what goes into it. Just as he says in his article, to get an approximate length is pretty simple, but there is more to it than just wingspan divided by 2.5 and that is where we come in to help shooters out. These differences can be from how each shooter holds and anchors a bow, the manufacture of the bow, and the bows Axle to Axle length. Every year we end up changing many new customers draw length and anchor points to allow for a more consistent and natural shooting position in which they have seen an increase in their performance.

The shooters draw length coupled with the appropriate length D-loop for their release and hand size (d-loop length does not change your draw length) will maximize their anchor points on their nose and jaw line to give them the most consistent groups. It will also allow the shooter's body position/form to be in proper alignment for a clean release and follow through. If the draw length is too short the support shoulder will tend to rotate out of the socket, cause an exaggerated bend in the elbow which can lead to inconsistencies, or the shooter ducking their head towards the string to find the peep sight. If the draw length is too long then the shooters elbow will be overextended and will tend to get caught up in the path of the string which will effect the shot. Too long of a draw length will also put the string past the proper anchor points on the shooters face. 

The more concrete anchor points we can stack in our favor with the proper shooting form the better chance there is of making consistent and accurate shots time after time, because consistency = accuracy. As always this is only one small piece of the equation in which we will continue to chip away at.  If you would like to know more about proper draw length and/or anchor points stop on in the store and let us check.

How do I know if I am shooting the correct draw length?

The answer is simple - yet complex. 

Before we go much further, I must advise the reader that these methods of determining draw length are for compound bow shooters using a release and a 1” string loop.  

There are couple of different methods that work well for determining your exact draw length.  The Calculated Draw Length method is the simplest way to find draw length.   It has been used for many years by archery shops across the country and around the world.

Calculated Draw Length is measuring the armspan of an archer then dividing it by 2.5. 

To measure armspan accurately, put your back against a wall and stretch your arms out as wide as possible. Have a friend take two small pieces of masking tape and stick them against the wall where the tips of your middle fingers end. Take the measurement of the length between the pieces of masking tape to find your armspan. Once the length is determined, divide the number by 2.5 and round up to the nearest 1/2”.  For example, if your armspan width is 73”, dividing by 2.5 will yield 29.2, and rounded to the nearest half inch will be 29.5” (which will be your estimated draw length).

If you are new to archery, this method is fantastic! I have used this to help many people purchase their first bow and get started on the right path to good and proper form. 

However, I have found that many archers shoot more accurately at lengths that do not necessarily match this method. It sounds confusing, but as in all things archery, this is where the answer gets more complex. 

Archery is a learned discipline. Repeating a process exactly the same over and over are the requirements for accurately hitting the target. That is the goal - to hit the mark every time without fail. Since I compete on a professional scale, I have the opportunity to shoot and collaborate with some of the best archery minds in the world.  These shooters use every advantage they possibly can to be the best and repeat their process time and time again.  I’ve found that the Calculated Draw Length method gets them close to where they want to be, but ultimately, they micro-adjust their draw length to find their most comfortable hold position. This can only be determined through lots of shooting, practice, and competition to find what feels best.

The way a bow feels at full draw and its let-off can affect the draw length as well. If I am shooting a bow that has low let-off, then I typically use a shorter draw length than a bow with high let-off.  Also, I’ve noticed that using a cable stop on a bow versus one using a limb stop requires me to use a slightly shorter length.

In its truest form, archery is about feel, how the grip the feels, how the bow feels when it is drawn, how the anchor point feels, how the bow feels when it is shot, and how the follow through feels after the shot.  Feeling is incredibly important.  When all things are working properly together, including the draw length, an archer will have their best chance to feel all of these factors work together successfully. 

There is no substitute for good practice and training.  Knowing that you and your equipment are fitting together for peak performance will give you the most confidence in your ability to hit the mark every time.  And ultimately, that is the goal!    


Written by Elite Pro Shooter Nathan Brooks

  • Brandon Miedema
Bowtech Give Away!

Bowtech Give Away! 0

We have joined up with Bowtech Archery to offer a pretty awesome giveaway during our Open House on August 19th. The giveaway is for a Bowtech Carbon Icon and all you have to do is either clink the link or Text "LongRange" to 313131 to register to win. The stipulation is that you need to be able to pick the bow up in our shop before September 2nd. 
We would love to see everyone like and share our page and/or this giveaway. Lets get the good word out to everyone!


Treestand Safety: A harness alone isn't good enough.

Treestand Safety: A harness alone isn't good enough. 0

Pearl, MI -( Gravity never falls asleep. It never loses focus. It never gets tired. It never gets distracted. It never varies and never makes a mistake.

Human beings, on the other hand, do all of those things from time to time. That's why falling from treestands is the single most common cause of death and serious injury for deer hunters.

But many hunters don't know that relatively few of these falls happen from the treestand itself – they happen as the hunters are climbing in and out of the stand. An even more surprising fact: nowadays over 80 percent of hunters who are seriously injured in a fall were wearing a safety vest when they fell.

The safety vests didn't fail – the hunters wore them, but didn't have them hooked to a safety line while they were climbing in and out of the stand. They may have been safely secured while they were sitting in their stands for 12 hours, but when they got ready to leave, they unhooked their safety vests and tried to climb down unsecured.

The people at Millennium Treestands want to change that. Over the years they've built a reputation for producing sturdy, safe and effective stands. They know that building a safe product is no accident. But for their customers to be even safer, Millennium has taken that extra step.

This year Millennium becomes the first treestand manufacturer to ensure that their customers have the proper gear to be as safe as possible by including their new SafeLink Treestand Safety Line with the purchase of any hang-on or ladder stand.

Millennium's SafeLink is a 35-foot-long safety line with a Prusik knot and carabiner rated to check the fall of up to 350 pounds, allowing the hunter to hook his vest to the SafeLink for a risk-free ascent into and descent from the stand. In Millennium's 2-man stands, the SafeLinks come with double Prusik knots and two carabiners.

Prusik knots – a friction hitch that does no damage to the main safety line – are used in mountain climbing as a matter of routine, mainly because, like gravity, it doesn't get tired and it always works.

For Millenium Treestands, going the extra mile for safety has always been part of their mission. Now they're taking a big step forward in safety, to make sure that every step their customers make is safe too.

Millennium Treestands – SafeLink

About Millennium Treestands:

Millennium Treestands have long been recognized as the most quiet and comfortable stands on the market. Every angle, hinge and weld has been tested under the most extreme conditions by the most cynical and scrutinizing hunters.

For more information, please visit

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